Welcome to The Belle and The Bookworm! This is a blog run by two sisters- in-law looking to share their love of books with you by helping you find books worth reading.

The Belle: Denise currently lives in a college town in Texas with her wonderful husband, Bryce and her baby boy, Jasper. A few of her hobbies include reading, crocheting, gaming, and taking care of her little boy.

The Bookworm: Lauren is currently living in a small town in Idaho. She loves reading and playing the violin in her spare time and is currently pursuing an advanced degree in library science.

On our blog you will find book reviews and writing tips. We give honest reviews and will always explain why we loved a book and why we didn’t. We are not professional book reviewers but we do really love reading. Although our reviews are personal opinion, we do respect authors, writers, and publishers. So we are very careful when choosing books to review on The Belle and The Bookworm to guarantee they are a good fit for our blog.

We also intend to give valuable writing tips to everyone on our blog, regardless of their writing experience. Even though writing may not be our profession, writing is a skill that we have developed over time and something that we feel confident in. So we hope that we can address common writing problems in a helpful and professional manner.

Please see our review policy for details on how we rate books and how to submit a book for review. 


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