Review Policy

Welcome to The Belle and The Bookworm. Thank you for your interest in our website. If you are a publisher or author interested in sending us a book for review, we will gladly consider your request. Please read the information below for an explanation of our reading preferences, book review policies, rating system, and request requirements.

Note we only accept books for coverage consideration. We do not guarantee a review. This consideration is for the blog, The Belle and The Bookworm, and any social media channels associated with it.


  • We read between 10 – 20 books each month.
  • We select between 2-4 books to cover with in-depth reviews each month. These books each receive a dedicated post.
  • We occasionally select books to be placed in large book group posts covering genres, topics, and themes the books share. These books will each receive a small review in-post.
  • We will mention the books we review on the social media platforms associated with the blog. Including Goodreads, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you wish to guarantee coverage at a specific time or a particular sort of coverage you can consider hiring us to write a sponsored book review or similar article.

Due to the amount of time it takes to respond to every request, we will only respond to requests we have decided to accept. If we do not respond to your review request in a timely manner, please assume we are declining your request.

We do not review ebooks and we only review self-published books if a request is made. We will not critique or edit your unpublished manuscript. We are not obligated to review any book or uncorrected proof we request or receive.

Reading Preferences and Unsolicited Materials

We enjoy reading just about anything with the exception of erotica, non-fiction, self-help, and religious/inspirational novels.

We are especially interested in fantasy, YA, mystery, historical fiction, new editions of old classics, fairytale retellings, and children’s books.

We do not read series out of sequence. If you request that we read a book in a series, please provide copies of any preceding books.

We are open to receiving unsolicited books as long as they meet our review requirements. We do not promise to read or review unsolicited books but we may include them in book hauls or mention them on social media.

Rating System: Letter-Grade

A – The book was amazing. We loved it (and would totally read it again and again and again…)

B – We really enjoyed it. It was well-written.

C – We liked it but there were a few issues

D – We didn’t enjoy it because there were a lot of issues

F – We did not like this book

DNF – Did not finish because we had the overwhelming urge to toss the book into a fire, lake, or convenient trash receptacle. Depending on what was convenient at the moment.


Please take the time to look through The Belle and The Bookworm to get a feel for our review style. Our reviews are posted on our blog and occasionally on our Facebook page.

We give honest reviews and will always explain why we loved a book and why we didn’t. We are not professional book reviewers but we do really love reading. Although our reviews are personal opinion, we do respect authors, writers, and publishers. So we are very careful when choosing books to review on The Belle and The Bookworm to guarantee they are a good fit for our blog.

If you would like to pitch us ideas or submit a book for review please contact us here.

FTC Disclosure

Books reviewed on The Belle and The Bookworm are either purchased by one of us (Denise or Lauren) the owners of The Belle and The Bookworm or loaned by the library. Occasionally we will receive books for free from agents, authors, publicists, or publishers in exchange for our personal and honest opinions. If this is the case it will always be clearly stated in the review post. At this time The Belle and The Bookworm is not participating in any affiliate programs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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