16 Questions – About Us

Hello everyone! As we are getting this blog off the ground, we thought you might want to get to know us a little bit better. (Make sure you check out our About page too!)

We are a pair of sisters-in-law each with a love for literature. We’ve started this blog to help you find books worth reading and to share a few tips on how to improve your writing.

Denise is the Southern Belle of this blog, she’s originally from North Carolina and is currently living in Texas. She loves being crafty (when she has the time for it) and playing with her 5 month old son. She also enjoys playing games of any kind. These games usually involve killing off someone else who happens to be playing. Which usually surprises anyone who asks this question because she looks like a sweet, innocent, woman who wouldn’t hurt a fly. For those of you who play Mario Kart, you know exactly what she’s talking about…

Lauren is the Bookworm and has a serious book hoarding problem. Her favorite color is blue, she collects interesting earrings, and she is indifferent to walks on the beach. Because while she enjoys the ocean she doesn’t enjoy getting sand in-between her toes.

We’ve found a couple questions to answer to help you get to know us better and satisfy your curious minds.

(When we answer the questions D stands for Denise and L stands for Lauren.)

Why did you start the blog?

D As a new mother, reading gives me an opportunity to relax and step away from the world for a couple hours. My problem is I sometimes need to vent my thoughts about the books I have read. Who better to talk to than my book-obsessed sister-in-law whom I love and adore?? I think the blog just gives us another way to keep track of what we’ve talked about and open up those conversations for other people to think and brainstorm for themselves.

L Because reading and being sarcastic are my super powers

How would you describe yourself?

D We are making a blog about books…doesn’t that explain enough? He he he. Really though, I think I can come across as being a shy but sociable person. In all reality, I’d rather sit at home with my family and books.

L I like reading, playing the violin, and sitting in my room.

D Compared to her, I am a social butterfly!

L But weirdly enough I’m the better public speaker???

Favorite genre?

D I love me some magic and dragons.

L Pretty much anything but super gushy romance novels. I enjoy fantasy and mystery the most though.

D Yea seriously people, you should see her library…it’s beautiful. Might possibly make ya faint if you ain’t prepared.

L Except we’re in the middle of moving and all my babies are in boxes. 😦

D Moment of silence for those poor babies. At least the new house will have glorious bookshelves!

Favorite author?

L I admire a lot of authors but if pushed to make a decision either Agatha Christie or Jules Verne.

D I don’t know. I usually pick up a book that looks good and read it without really caring who’s written it. Is that bad??? I guess C. S. Lewis was pretty good, but that’s based on the Chronicles of Narnia. I haven’t read anything else of his.

Favorite book?

D We don’t ask this question. It sends Lauren into a coma.   

L *incomprehensible wheezing noises*

If you were a magical creature, what would you be?

D A dragon for three reasons: I could be a hoarder and no one would judge me (those who did would be roasted alive); I could fly; and I would be the ultimate BBQ-er (pigs, cows, people, you name it!)

L I think it would be cool to be a Sphinx because I’d get to ask people impossible questions and eat them when they get it wrong.

What is the worst book you’ve ever read?

L Twilight. The writing was poor, the story a bit predictable, the lore was all over the place,  and the characters were blander than unsalted oatmeal. I didn’t read any of the others in the series.

D I have to agree with you there. I read the series and I have to say the story wasn’t the best. It’s like the author was afraid of anyone getting hurt and everything ended in a boring “happily ever after”. But, I guess I kinda liked the romance.

L I didn’t see much romance. They were all a bit stalkerish.

D It was one of the first “big book” series that I read. I think it gave me an idea of what is good literature and what isn’t worth reading.

L I didn’t enjoy the series myself but I’ve been a reader most of my life. I do appreciate the fact that the Twilight series got other people into reading.

When did you learn to read?

D I don’t remember how well a reader I was. I just remember loving to read, which was kinda weird in my family. I was the nerd hiding in the corner with my book.

L I could pretty effectively muddle through small books when I began kindergarten. I read on a fifth grade level by second grade.

When did you start reading chapter books?

D Around third grade, I think. I would make a bee-line to the Pony Pals books and I can still recall where they were in the library.

L Second grade/Third grade-ish. Not huge chapter books, mostly because I had comprehension issues because of age.

What is your favorite book you had to read for school?

D I enjoyed Shakespeare. Aside from Romeo and Juliet.

L Either, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee or Macbeth by Shakespeare.

Which book did you hate to read for school?

D I was not a fan of Dickens. He droned on, and on, and on…I wanted to stab myself.

L Tenth grade was pretty bad: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, A Separate Peace by John Knowles,The Murder of Emmett Till, Montana 1948 by Larry Watson… I hated them all.

How long does it take you to read a book?

D Before I became a mom, 3-4 days if it’s a longer book. And that’s only because my body forced me to eat and sleep. Now, it takes me about a week.

L Depending on difficulty between 1-3 days. Usually 1 if I don’t have anything pressing to do.

Where is your favorite place to read?

D Anywhere I can get comfortable. I have the gift of blocking out anything and everything.

L I would read a book in a house, I would read one with a mouse, I would read one here and there, I would read one anywhere.

D Nerd 😉

L And proud.

Do you prefer physical or digital books?

D Physical. I like to see them on my shelf and just physically having them in my hands. Plus the screens tend to hurt my eyes after a while.

L Physical. I LOVE the smell.

D That’s why Bryce and I go to Barnes & Noble. Because we are too poor to buy books, so we walk, smell, and try not to drool on the pretty books.

Sleep in or get up early?

D I kinda have to wake up early now, whether I want to or not.

L I really enjoy sleeping in but if there’s something worth waking up early for I’ll drag myself out of bed.

Stay up late or go to bed?

D Staying up late is usually the time I can do things for myself.

L I love staying up late. The house is nice and quiet.

What series are you reading now?

D Right now I am working on The Witchlands Series by Susan Dennard, the Summoner Series by Taran Matharu, and trying to wait patiently for the next book in the Evertide Series by Todd Lockwood.

L I’ve finally started the Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas and my friend has been begging me to read The Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer so I just started that. I’ve also got like three stand alone books I’m starting.

D I’d have more waiting if I could afford to get them…

L The library is a beautiful thing

D It is. But it’s all the more beautiful if they are on my shelf.

L As a book hoarder I agree.

Favorite snack?

D Reese’s

L  Popcorn T_T *sobbing sounds*

D Which makes it really sad when you find out that she has a corn intolerance.  

Vanilla or chocolate?

D If it’s ice cream, then vanilla. I like chocolate, but it has to be paired with something (peanut butter, caramel, etc.)

L I’m not huge on sweets but probably vanilla.

So there you are everyone: a few things about us.

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